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Our knowledge of the industry has secured our position as one of the frontrunners in copier and printer services. Our values include competency, promptness, honesty, confidentiality, and lasting client relationships.


We are a multi–disciplinary supplies entity, generally within the office equipment and consumables industry. In particular, we consider ourselves a professional and dependable copier and printer solutions provider.

We do sales, rentals, maintenance, and repairs on all our products. Our client base spans from families in need of a colour laser printer to large corporations in need of a fleet of multifunctional equipment and document management solutions.

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our Brands

Nthaso Holdings is made up of many individual brands; from printing, faxing, scanning, projecting, enterprise, multi-functional, large business, to audio-visual office equipment. The multiplicity of our brands, the speed and efficieny of our products, coupled with our industry experience and expertise, ensure that we meet each client's unique criteria and individual needs.



Printers, Faxes, Scanners, and Projectors



Laser, Multifunctional, and Enterprise Printers



Small, Medium, Enterprise, and Large Business Solutions



AV and Office Equipment, Production Printers



Printers, Multifunction Copy, Scan and Fax



Colour, Monochrome, and Blue Printers

Leadership Structure

Nthaso Holdings was born out of the realization by founding members that unless the previously disadvantaged entities join hands together to utilize customized western technology and expertise with an African perspective, prospects for economic growth and development will be minimal. All the founding members of the company form part of its day-to-day running.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

The CEO oversees the day-to-day running of the entity, and makes executive decisions. He is charged with increasing the value of the entity, and increasing revenues.

Business Development Manager (BDM)

The BDM is responsible for attracting new business to the entity, and maintaining relations with existing clients. He reports directly to the CEO.

Sales Manager

The Sales Manager is charged with setting and achieving sales goals, and managing all the Sales Executives and Sales Interns. He reports directly to the CEO.

Financial Manager

The Financial Manager is responsible for all the accounting, financial auditing, and making sure that all the finances of the entity are in good standing. He also reports to the CEO.

What Drives Us

We believe that each and every one of our clients deserves excellent services through customer satisfaction in the most standard and professional manner as we open new markets.

Our Vision


Our vision strives to be recognized as one of the leading world class supplies to its core business activities, both within South Africa and internationally

Our Mission


Our mission is to drive the company towards the customer satisfaction of becoming a world class supplier that will succeed across different markets

Our Goal


Our goal is to meet the challenges of a competitive business environment, to accommodate and meet the demands of the market